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A unique Providenciales private chef dining experience. Experience culinary creativity, personalized service, and outstanding flavors.

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About Us

Unveiling a culinary journey

The Chef’s Table – VIP started with a passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences. Our team of talented chefs brings their culinary creativity to the table, crafting unique dishes that combine flavors from around the world.

Over the years, we have received numerous accolades for our exceptional service and outstanding flavors. We take pride in making every occasion memorable and ensuring that our guests leave with lasting memories and culinary insights.


Indulge in a diverse array of delectable dishes, carefully curated to please even the most discerning palate. The Chefs Table – VIP showcases the best of local and international flavors, using fresh, seasonal ingredients to deliver a truly exceptional dining experience.

We believe in the power of ingredients. We source only the finest, freshest produce and incorporate unique, hand-picked ingredients to elevate each dish. Prepare to be blown away by the depth and complexity of flavors.

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If you are really and truly a foodie, one for the culinary arts using the finest of ingredients flown in fresh from around the world, then The Chefs Table is for you. Given the Chefs ‘home turf’ advantage, sit back in a front-row seat at The Chef’s Table in The Chef’s Kitchen, and you will be right in the game for an amazing culinary adventure that will leave you wanting to come back again unless you want one of our Chefs to bring you dinner.

Interaction with The Chefs. Get ready for your senses to kick into overdrive. One of the highlights of The Chefs Table experience is the direct interaction with The Chefs. Guests have the opportunity to engage with The Chefs. Ask questions about the multiple options on The Chefs Table Tasting Menus and the preparation of the dishes, and gain insights into the culinary process.

The Chefs curate a wide variety of Limited Edition Special Tasting Menus for The Chefs Table experience that traverse the world from Occidental to Oriental cuisine. What’s on any of our Tasting Menus at any given time reflects the individual Chefs’ artistic values and passion for culinary art. Typically, given the ethos of The Chefs Kitchen, it is customary to experience authentic Asian cuisine just as readily as it is to indulge in all of the best cuts of beef in one meal like never before.

Expertly paired tasting wines with each course are available on a per-person basis. Selected by The Chefs Table Tasting Wines, including Mineral Water, Coffee, and Tea, priced separately from a minimum of $50 per person, excluding all taxes and gratuities. All Pairings by The Chefs Table

Dining at The Chefs Table provides an educational element for food enthusiasts or those interested in culinary arts. You and your Group can learn about the ingredients used, cooking techniques employed, and the philosophy behind the cuisine. Maybe rediscover your inner Chef desires and recreate what you learned at home for family and friends. You’ll have a great story to tell as you saw it at The Chefs Table @ Kokomo in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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